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Shandong Xincheng Pipe Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-(0)537-2328515
Address: Economic Development Zone, Weishan County, Shandong, China

About Us

Shandong Xincheng Pipe Co.,Ltd. is established in 2012 with registration capital of USD 3,000,000. It covers anarea of of 3000 with 1800 building area.


It was Shandong Zhongtian Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd which had been manufacturing dredging HDPE pipe and floatsince 2008. Now it is Shandong Xincheng Pipe Co., Ltd. after relocation of production site.

Besides the dredging HDPE pipe and float, it develops new products after the relocation.


It has 105 staff, including 20 professionals. The factory introduces advanced 6 PE pipe production lines, the outer diameter ranges from 90mm to 850mm. It also has 8 floater production facility with an annual capacity of 65000 pairs. The main products include:

MDPE floater: Max. size is up to 2200mm*2500mm

HDPE pipe: 90mm to 850mm with working pressure 0.4MPa to 1.6MPa.

UHMWPE pipe: 110mm to 750mm with working pressure 0.4MPa to 1.6MPa.

Rubber hose: 160mm-1300mm

Plastic Inspection manhole: customized production


All products are made from 100% virgin material.


We joined CHIDA (CHINA DREDGING ASSOCICATION) in 2008. Since we know the dredging more and more, we keep improving the pipes and floaters. Now the unique floater shape with locating slot has been patented.


Our products enjoy a good market and reputationboth in domestic and abroad. We welcome everyone to visit our factory forbusiness and cooperation.

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